What is honeycomb technology?

It’s the ability to take the weight and brittleness out of a structure while increasing its strength and flexibility. If that is not enough, your new structure is now impermeable to moisture while having excellent sound and vibration damping qualities as well as thermal insulation properties. Industries such as Marine, specialty vehicle, construction, and wind energy are already reaping the benefits of this technology in their manufacturing processes. Benefits: High impact resistance, Rot proof, Thermal insulation, Sound damping/deadening, Chemical resistant, Light weight, High strength, User friendly, Easy installation . NEW PRODUCTS! Infusion grade RTM core, Fire retardant Reinforced grid, Skinned panels, Cosmetic Panels.


MATLINE+ is currently used as a core material or as a sub layer in many applications such as swimming pools, boats, windmills, trailers, portable dance floors and many more. Available in thicknesses from 1mm to 5mm in both perforated and non-perforated forms. Working with MatlineTM requires no special tools or skills as it is easy to mold into shape. Benefits:  Better drapability  Reduction of resin consumption by 15-20%  Better adherence on vertical applications such as marine  Weight and cost reduction while improving rigidity and impact resistance  Better cosmetics, acting as a print blocker  MatlineTM products are the finest and most user friendly in the industry due to their woven and needle point technology, allowing the product to be resin coated and moved to the part without tearing or degrading. In addition, our commitment to excellence in manufacturing our product drives us to produce Matline in true thickness; giving you, the customer, exactly the volume that you pay for and benefit from. Our perforations accept more resin readily and release air making our product the most conformable in the laminating process.



Made of the highest quality mature balsa from Ecuador with state of the art harvesting, processing, scrim, scoring, and curing equipment. Uniformed patterns of scoring, grooving and porting allow for hand lamination, infusion, RTM, and panel production processes. Immediate in-line packaging in plastic bags and boxes ensures the lowest moisture percentage in the industry. Varieties include rigid, scrimmed and scored, sealed scrimmed and scored, Pith grade, LITE (6 lb/m3), slope bottoms, fillets, panels and kits.



By definition, a sandwich panel is a structure made of three layers: low density core inserted in between two relatively thin skin layers. This sandwich setup allows to achieve excellent mechanical performance at minimal weight. With that being said, CEM has committed itself to providing you the best coring options ranging in densities of 2 lb/ft3 up to 26 lb/ft3.

Our endeavor to be a leader in panel technology has driven us to create a panel that is fire resistant on the interior as well as the exterior without compromising on the light weight, high impact, rigid-elastic panel the industry has come to rely on.

We are also proud to say that our pultruded – thermal fused panels have the best adhesion in the industry. Design in laminates create a panel that not only meets but exceeds our customers’ needs.

With our versatile portfolio, variety of cores, and innovative skin options, we can build panels at widths up to 10 feet, by any length.


  • Boat Building & Repair

  • Windmill Blades

  • Truck Bodies Ice Houses

  • Specialty Vehicle Cargo

  • PODS

  • Modular Buildings

  • Furniture RV/Camper


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