Structural Foams


PET is fully suitable to replace PVC and Balsa cores in wind blades, boat hulls, decks, and high strength areas.

All traditional Thickness (Scored Available)

Sheet Sizes: 40" x 96"

Density: 5#, 6#, 7#, 9#,12#


Polyisocyanurate foam (polyiso foam) is a cellular, thermoset plastic formed when two basic liquid chemicals, isocyanurate and polyol, are combined in the presence of a catalyst that helps the molecules to rearrange and join, a blowing agent to create closed cells in the structure, flame retardents, and possibly other agents. If the "art" of the process is correct, the result is an inert, non-nutritive, highly stable polyiso rigid foam that has the highest thermal insulating values of any conventional foam insulation commercially available today.

Polyiso foam is available in densities of 2, 4, and 6 lbs/ft3. Sheets are cut from bun stock to thicknesses from 1/2" up to 12".


PVC foams are closed-cell, moisture resistant, and have good physical properties when compared to other foams of similar density, they are commonly used as sandwich structures in marine applications where the need for a low-density, consistent, moisture resistant core material was realized. Our PVC Foams are available in 4’ x 8’ sheets in densities of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 12, and 20lbs/ft3.


3M (St. Paul, Minn.) introduced 3M™ Reinforced Polyurethane Foam, billed as a lightweight and rot-resistant alternative to plywood for use in structural and semi-structural applications. The polyurethane foam boards with fiberglass reinforcement offer "high strength" in applications including marine, transportation and general construction, with a weight savings ranging from 30% to 60% versus plywood, the company says. The product is available in five densities ranging from 15 lbs. to 26 lbs. per cubic foot, and is sold in 4-foot by 8-foot sheets. Unlike plywood, which can chip or pop loose during construction, the company says its foam material can be shaped with tools and secured to substrates with screws. The product also is reported to be characterized by low moisture content, resulting in enhanced adhesion.


  • Dimensionally stable

  • Superior resiliency and endurance

  • Stronger than foam only boards

  • Can be sanded to enhanced lamination

  • Can be painted or laminated

  • Standard thicknesses from 3/8″ to 1-1/2″ (Custom sizes available)


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