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Nidagravel 129-139


Small-sized gravel slabs suitable for gravel areas with lighter foot traffic and personal driveways. The Nidagravel slabs have a geotextile underneath the prevent weeds and encourage water to flow right into the ground, rather than flooding the surface.

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Nidagravel 130-140


Larger sheets suitable for gravel pathways, yards, and driveways. Nidagravel makes it safe and seamless to walk, cycle, or drive over gravel. Your property should be both functional AND beautiful.

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Nidagravel NG040


Our heavy duty gravel stabilizer is built for parking lots, factories, and other lots that experience heavier traffic. Nidagravel eliminates potholes, flooding, and reduces heat-island effect, all while providing a stable surface that will last for years to come.

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